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Your Next Car Leasing Quotation: Vauxhall

Ever seen an Audi? Ever made a car leasing quotation on a Quattro? Well, imagine making a quotation on a vehicle that is very similar and perhaps paying much less for it too. The car in question is the new Vauxhall Insignia. The British car manufacturer has gone and done the daring and brought about their version of sedan that is more or less a Quattro and little of something else. Still as confused as we are? It shouldn’t be possible for one car company to copy another company design and sell it off as their own. But in this case, it’s been done, slapped with the name Vauxhall VXR, and this car looks like it just might give Audi a run for their money. A car leasing quotation will show you that it’s very affordable as well, weighing in at just a little over $50,000. The car sports a mean face and body that just screams performance and it looks like it might be available in July 2008. The only irony of it all is that this sports beast will be marketed as Vauxhall’s next family car, replacing the not so menacing Vectra. So what about it is so menacing? Imagine low side skirts, 19-inch alloy wheels, a sharp roof and dangerous looking tail. The back sports a spoiler attached to the trunk and twin chrome exhaust pipes to give that extra turbo look. Inside, all the little numbers and dials up front will be backlit in red, and everything else is of a quality that you might only find in higher end sports cars. Much larger than the Vectra, it promises more space, luxury, and overall improved driving performance. Pop the hood open and you will see more than your car leasing quotation can handle. Inside is a 2.9 liter twin-turbocharged V6 gas engine, boasting a 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds acceleration and a top speed of 165. As an all-wheel drive, it shouldn’t have any trouble at all in any given road condition. Still not convinced about this possible future car leasing quotation? Perhaps the optional Traffic Assist System might help your decision. It’s a radar and video device that scans roads ahead of you, resulting in automatic deceleration if the car “senses” that you are about to get in an accident. Now, if that doesn’t get you going to search for a car leasing quotation on the future Vectra (or Insignia), then we don’t know what will.

More on the Vauxhall VXR here.

Our car lease specials radar has picked up that Nissan has already introduced the 2009 Nissan Murano at an auto show in California. The Japanese automobile company displayed their latest innovation at the LA International Auto Show. The Nissan Murano 2009 is only in its second generation in the mid-size SUV category but already it seems to be crossing over to being something else. Nissan points out that their latest model would like to feature more of its business like features rather than its sporty looks and performance.

Physically, this future of car lease specials doesn’t look very new. In fact, it still takes on the shape and form of the current Murano only that its structure is based loosely on the 2008 Altima from the same company. The new technology used in this Murano, however, promises better performance and less vibration that the Murano that we know of today. Another difference in physical features is that the 2009 modification sports a sexy looking grill, wider headlights, a slightly redesigned tail and larger taillights as well.

The interior is a great improvement but this doesn’t come to a surprise with all car manufacturers really looking into beefing up their cars from the inside out. The new Murano will have a whole new instrument panel on its dash, a new steering wheel, heated front seats, a 60/40 configuration of foldable rear seats and a power return feature. Storage still won’t be a problem and it looks like we will expect more space from the newer model as it does look hollower on the inside. A new navigation system with graphic interface and a Bluetooth hands free phone system will be included as well as a new DVD Mobile Entertainment system with a roof mounted screen. Its safe to say that this car lease special is pretty "pimped out."

Nissan seems to have also focused a lot on the safety features of their latest machine as it has 12.6 inch front and 12.1 inch rear vented disc brakes, a 4-wheel, 4-sensor anti-lock braking system, electronic brake force distribution and brake assist. And if that’s not enough to help stop a vehicle, there are six airbags that come as a standard, including those up front, mounted in the roof, and in the sides.

Available early in 2008, the Murano 2009 might not be enough to cause a media frenzy but like its 1st generation sibling, it’s definitely here to stay.

A Car Leasing Guide on Fords New Focus ST

As far as Ford is concerned, they probably have one of the most successful hatchback cars on the market. The Ford Focus ST sells to a worldwide market and has been a bestseller to the European market for years. This car leasing guide can find no reason why it shouldn’t do well for the American market as well.Unlike many models in the Ford line-up, the Focus takes a new turn in design and in engineering. Curvaceous, sleek, and definitely aimed at a young and quick on-the-go market, the Focus features many sophisticated elements such as multi-link rear suspension (this car leasing guide reveals Ford’s name for it, the “Control Blade”) for top of the line handling and a smooth ride. What made it such a bestseller is that Ford was also able to pack in a whole lot of technology in an affordable package using materials that would not jack up the price through the roof.

Many critics have often commented on the smooth ride and handling of the Ford Focus ST (very new, very posh, same old Ford) and they have all but said the same thing: it’s superior to many vehicles in its class. Any car leasing guide will show you that the new Ford Focus ST will be available in 3-door and 5-door hatchback forms. Seemingly revised physically, the new ST packs a new set of headlights, a new-styled grille, and fog lights integrated into the front bumper that seems to have a larger air intake which is just as well as one can expect more speed and safety. The rear also sports a bumper and its tail looks like it was built to handle speed much better than previous models. Get a car leasing guide to get a more specific look at the manufacture and design of the new ST today.

The interior standards seem to have changed and improved as well, with new stereo and ventilation controls, optional keyless entry features, and also an optional “power” button that can be set into the front console to help start and stop the car. The style of the car is not overly apparent and die-hard fans of the Focus ST will be glad to know that the new Focus will still be beyond par of standards when it comes to performance. A future car leasing guide will probably point out that most buyers of the Focus will not be able to tell the difference from the previous Focus, and with Ford not making any obvious name changes, the only real difference will be how much sleeker the car looks from its predecessor. That being said, the Focus ST that’s due out early next year will sport the same 2.5- liter turbo engine.

Due out in March 2008, the new Ford Focus ST looks to be quite the charmer. A definite on the waiting list of many European folk, get a car leasing guide on this model as soon as it hits American shores and get to know what all the fuss is about.

Find Ford Focus ST 2008 pictures here.
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Car Lease Specials: New Jeep Cherokee

As far as car leasing specials are concerned, if you are looking into investing in an SUV in the next year, you may want to take a glance at the newly revised Jeep Cherokee. Bulkier and with looks like it was built to last a lifetime, the Cherokee is not only holding ground as a baby SUV; it looks like it can take on the mid-sized SUV market as well.The manufacturers over at Chrysler say that the Jeep Cherokee is so buffed up now that it can take on the likes of Land Rover’s Freelander – only for a seeming fraction of the price. Now that’s one of the car lease specials that many SUV owners might want to take a serious look at. After all, the Jeep Cherokee is homegrown and now more competitive than ever before.

Rugged and fresh, the new Jeep boasts of a luxury interior and 4 wheel drive transmission. With a form clearly influenced by the boxy Wrangler from the same company, the Jeep Cherokee sports its trademark grille in chrome, 17 inch alloys and full length power sunroof. And regardless what you all may think of the old Jeep Cherokee this one is built for space. It’s got a roomy cabin and the quality of the seats has improved much as well; so much that you can use the front passenger seat as a table by collapsing it forward.

This future of car lease specials sports a 2.8 liter engine CRD, which is also the same engine used in the Grand Voyager from the Chrysler family as well. 127 bhp and five-speed auto box means that you can get some serious acceleration speed. Of course, you will still end up feeling just how much of a diesel it is when you recognize the rumbling. Suspension is new and its handling of both ascent and descent are almost perfect.

The new Jeep Chrysler is one of the car lease specials you should be looking forward to. Whether it will stand up against other mid-sized SUVs in the market is still something to see but it’s definitely one that will stay in the books of car lease specials in dealerships nationwide.

More on the Cherokee here.

Car Leasing Guide: Get Smart

Isn’t it time that you started to lean green? As far as a car leasing guide goes, if you are not quite ready, you might want to explore the Smart car before taking the hybrid plunge. For those of you who don’t know, the Smart car is a product of Daimler AG from Germany, same people who bring you the classy Mercedes models each year.So what were they thinking when they made this car? Well, it’s a forward-thought model that runs on electricity, although it was originally supposed to be a hybrid. This car leasing guide pegs the release of the new Fortwo (two-door Smart car that was originally launched in 1998) around Europe in 2007. Currently popular in Europe and Japan (not surprisingly), the car is set to save on many things including space, electricity, gas.

Regarding safety? Check this out.

Leasing Discounts? Try A Prius

One of the world’s leading automobile manufacturers, Toyota aims to make a splash with their Prius hybrid. It’s not that they haven’t already; they aim to continue making that splash crest even higher. The Prius is one of the most affordable and the most fuel-efficient in the hybrid class of cars to date so any leasing discounts on these babies would leave basically paying next to nothing.

Don’t believe us? This car does 48 miles to the gallon in the city and 45 on the highway; its current model (2008 series) is only $1000 more expensive than the previous Prius which did just as well; and up against the likes of Nissan and Honda, we bet leasing discounts on this car would outclass them in the thousands.

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