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Car Lease Specials: Mitsubishi Evo X

The much awaited Evo X straight from the Mitsubishi assembly line is definitely one of the car lease specials to beat this year. Eagerly anticipated, the super sedan is now landing on shores foreign to Japan, specifically in Europe and soon in North America

This one of many car lease specials was first previewed by Mitsubishi earlier in 2007 and was dubbed, at the time, Prototype X, a concept that would soon turn out to be the future Evolution X. The finished product is now proudly out and features a Super All Wheel Control drive system and a Twin Clutch Sport Shift Transmission. Powered by a 2.9 liter turbocharged four cylinder motor that produces 295 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque, the Evo X is a force to be reckoned with.

With the S-AWC system will be included all sorts of features including Active Standby Control, Active Center Differential, Active Yaw Control (required to keep the Evo X on its path), and Sport ABS which is an ABS system specifically designed for aggressive drivers. The twin clutch system seems to have been modeled after the VW’s DSG. The system has 3 modes, those being Normal, Sport, and S-Sport, the latter allowing the most aggressive of shifts. Now this is definitely one of the car lease specials that people will enjoy.

This is a supercar that one can lease or own for a fraction of the cost that usual supercars are priced for. At about over $50,000, it may not seem cheap but it is definitely a competitive price up against BMW and the almighty Benz. Can Mitsubishi’s Evo X be one of the car lease specials of the year? Looks quite promising and only time will tell.

More information on the Mitsubishi Evo X can be found here.

Car Lease Deals: Factory Incentives

Car manufacturers will more often than not give car dealers incentives on certain cars to help them move their inventory much faster. These can help car lease deals quite a bit and the incentives serve to lower the cost of a car to the dealer. This gives the dealer an opportunity to make a lot of money through their own offers but it also allows them flexibility in negotiations with customers, like bigger discounts.

Generally, the idea is to allow the customer buy the car for a lesser price, if he or she is bullish about it. These factories to dealer incentives will show up as capital-cost reduction in lease agreements and the trick here is to know exactly how much financial support the manufacturers and dealer are putting into the cars up for lease. Some magazines will publish current dealer and customer incentives and it’s these that deserve close watch especially if you are in the market for a new car.

Cheap Car Leasing: Money-saving Tips

Looking for a cheap car leasing deal so that you can save up some extra money for all of your other needs? You can actually save money with any car lease so long as you can negotiate certain features on a lease contract. Cheap car leasing is never impossible if you figure in these factors into your car leasing plans:

  • Choose the right option whether it’s a short term or long term lease.
  • Shop around before making a decision on a lease.
  • Make full use of the Internet to find cheap car leasing deals.
  • Check the APR that is charged to you and make sure to secure a good APR to make considerable savings.
  • Think carefully about the mileage options you choose.
  • Consider if servicing will be good for you according to your usage.
  • Study the taxes and how much you might be charged.
  • Maintain your car to avoid inspection penalties.
  • If in a lease already, consider ending agreement if you feel you can no longer continue it.
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Car Leasing Guide: Tools You Can Use

Car leasing is quickly becoming the most preferred method of getting to own a car for a few years or so. This is, of course, partly because car leasing can be so much cheaper than actually buying a vehicle to own and maintain. But there are also lots of people who may not be entirely convinced of the process of leasing and if you are one of them, check out this car leasing guide on some the tools that you can use in your quest to a different kind of car ownership.

A lot of the car leasing guide tools that you need for a successful lease (that will end in your terms and not in on the terms of the dealer) can be found online. Here are some of the things that you will need to facilitate a successful lease:

A lease guide – There are all sorts of car leasing guide information that you can find online. These so-called lease guides will tell you everything there is to know regarding a lease and how you can avail of one. These guides are important to have so that you can get simply explained information on leases, how they are calculated, examples of leases, etc. This will further make it easier for your negotiation once you step into a car dealer’s.

A lease kit – Of course, every lease kit will have the car leasing guide already inside it. Online, a lease kit can contain all sorts of things that you can use. This includes lease deal calculators so you can crunch your own numbers, vehicle ratings for all sorts of models, sample contracts, checklists, payment tables, worksheets; basically everything that you need so you won’t get surprised when you make an actual lease.

Glossary – The one thing that you don’t want to get caught in is being thrown words and terms that you are most likely never to understand. A good car leasing guide has a glossary that will give you the definitions for all sorts of words used in the industry and may even include a few technical details on care components.

FAQ – This is the most important car leasing guide factor to remember. If you are not sure about some things, make sure you run down a few frequently asked questions on some car leasing websites. This will better prepare you to make even more detailed inquiries instead of wasting time on simple questions. Look for questions that you might catch yourself asking and then do a little research about in-depth questions that you might want to throw the dealer’s way.

These online tools should help point you in the right direction to a great car lease deal in the future. Make sure that you get your fill before hitting the car stores to do some serious car leasing shopping.

Best Car Lease Deal: Tri-Media Plus

Looking for the best car lease deal but just don’t know where to start? Of course, with the advent of the Internet, listings to some of the best car lease deal outlets is a cinch. But to pull all that information can be quite tiring. You might want to consider trying other avenues such as television, radio, and the newspaper.

It may seem old fashioned, but a car dealer will usually advertise the best car lease deal offerings through these free mediums because they are more accessible than the Internet is. These media are a prime source for such information. You can find all sorts of discounts from different manufacturers and these are even more apparent if you visit their websites online. The simple fact is that these best car lease deal offers are not transparent enough as they are if you were to walk into the shop.

Also, if you are looking at a print ad, remember to read all the small fine print as well for additional details about different details. Some ads have them, and some ads don’t. Otherwise, if you really want to get to the real details, you may have to consider going online, which isn’t a pain if you are searching for answers.

Car Leasing Specials: Vauxhall Super Corsa

With Vauxhall all over the place these days, it will be no surprise if you start investing in one of their car lease specials in the future. The new vehicle from Vauxhall is one mini car any city slicker won’t want to pass up. It’s a supermini with attitude and definitely one that will help buyers’ wallets while allowing them to drive around in style.

Due out in 2009, this newcomer is set to replace the Meriva series from the same manufacturer. To many car lovers, this looks like the right move for Vauxhall who seem to be stepping up in all the right directions this year. The Super Corsa is set to go up against the likes of VW’s Golf Plus, MINI’s Clubman, and Ford’s upcoming Fiesta-based minicar.

As far as looks go, these car leasing specials will probably fool you into thinking that you are purchasing a Meriva. It’s got just about the same profile only it’s a tad smaller, and it is definitely a lot sexier than the Meriva. Similarities include the front frill, faired-in headlights and raised bonnet edges. The things that make it stick out will be its roofline with panoramic glass, and its higher waistline.

Inside this supermini will be engines including a 1.3 liter and 1.7 liter CDTI diesel variations, as well as a 1.6 liter turbo gas version. Stop-start technology included, this is yet another fuel economic mini beast that will have consumers salivating for the car lease specials. Expect them out early next year.

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