Things That Should Be in Your Trunk at all Times »

Things That Should Be in Your Trunk at all Times

  • Aspare tire
  • Triangle reflectors (to place on the road and indicate to other drivers that you are having a little car trouble)
  • Tools (a jack, bolt loosener / tightener, WD40, screwdrivers, extra lightbulbs, fuses, a flashlight, portable tire pump, extra air valves for tires)
  • Security measures (This can be anything from a taser to anything licensed by the police for your own personal protection from robberies and what not.)
  • Car manual (It's doubtful that you know every square inch of your vehicle. Don't leave home without this.)
  • A spare battery (only if you have the budget and the extra space in the trunk)
  • An emergency fire blanket
  • Miscellaneous oils and greases (brake fluid, engine oil, extra gas in a gas can, power steering fluid, engine coolant)
  • Cleaning solutions (car wax, glass cleaning liquids, a spray can, clean and dry rags)
  • Emergency light (A flashing bright light, like a strobe, is definitely something you may need especially if you are one who drives long distances at night. This will grab the attention of anybody within range.)

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