Jeep Lease Deals June 2012 »

Jeep Lease Deals June 2012

Jeep vehicles are known for their affordability and rugged all-terrain capability. They are also built to withstand the rigors of daily off-road driving.

Not surprisingly, Jeep vehicles can also be used comfortably on tight city roads, making it the ideal urban vehicle. They are also more capable than a compact crossover SUV.

Looking to lease a new Jeep? Here are the latest Jeep lease deals for June 2012:

Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass is a stylish, rugged, and affordable small SUV. The Jeep Compass has a lease price of $139 per month for 39 months with around $3,000 due at signing.

Jeep Liberty

The Jeep Liberty is a more rugged alternative to a compact or midsize SUV. The Jeep Liberty has a lease price of $169 per month for 36 months with around $3,200 due at lease signing.

Jeep Wrangler

When it comes to all out off-road abilities and sex appeal, it is hard to argue with the Jeep Wrangler. The Wrangler has a lease price of $209 per month for 24 months with around $3,000 due at signing.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is an excellent midsize SUV. Lease prices for the Grand Cherokee starts at $219 per month for 39 months with around $3,300 due at signing.

Jeep Patriot

The Jeep Patriot is fully capable off-road but it also happens to be affordable. The Jeep Patriot starts at a lease price of $129 per month for 39 months with around $2,700 due at signing.

Getting an Affordable Car Lease

Getting a cheap car lease starts at the residual value. The Jeep Wrangler in particular was rated as the vehicle with the highest estimated resale value of 68% after 36 months. Since the residual value will be deducted from the MSRP to get the lease price, a vehicle with a high resale value will be cheaper top lease.

You should also maintain a decent level of credit. In order to get low interest rates, you need to have an average credit score. The higher the score, the lower the interest rate (or sometimes called the money factor rate).

All Jeep lease deals are valid until 7/2/2012. Contact your favorite Jeep dealer to know more.

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The lease rate I got by calling the dealer was $67 higher than the rate I got from Car Leasing Secrets. It’s all about the local competition. So happy with my Benz!
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What a great way to shop around! I wanted a Corolla. There’s only one Toyota dealership in my city but I got a quote for a Honda Civic and decided to go with that one because I got such a good offer.
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