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How to Negotiate with Ease

When you face the dealer, be sure you know your trade-in value. Don't stand there and act dumb. You are inviting hell to break loose.

Keep that dealer invoice price for the car you want in your pocket always. Let nobody tell you, you don't know the trade.

Don't pretend that you know how to calculate monthly payments unless you really know; negotiate for the price, not the monthly payments for your own peace.

Feel comfortable to walk out when the negotiations don't work for you.

Let the dealer know that you know leasing and that you know what you are doing.

If the salesperson seems to be playing games with you, tell that person to stop. But restrain yourself from kicking his butt.

Don't give the dealer any deposit during the negotiations.

You can always ask for another salesperson to negotiate with; if not, then walk away, right away!

Never give a dealer what you can afford for monthly payments. Give him an exact price instead.

Never agree to bring home a car for a night without settling a deal.

Make sure your well-being is intact during negotiations. When you feel tired, confused, or pressured during these times then you're doomed.

When that dealer starts telling you that lease prices are not negotiable that means he is bluffing. Same as when he says that your source of invoice price is wrong.

Say no to extended warranties, add-on services, credit insurance, and other "miscellaneous fees."

Always compare the dealer's calculated monthly payment with your own, to make sure it's accurate.

A slow day, like when it's rainy or on a weekday, is a good day to negotiate.
Always negotiate the price up from the dealer's cost.

You are now a certified lease negotiator!

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