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Car Buying: Spotting a Good Leasing Deal

When out car buying, you may find that it may be a lot trickier than meets the eye. In fact, the real question that comes to mind is, "What is a lease deal?" And this indeed is the question that you should be asking yourself when you plan to buy a new car.

Finding a Lease
You don't necessarily have to stop by every car dealership to ask about their car lease specials. You can make your life a little easier by paying attention to the ads that appear on classified ad sections of the newspaper, banner advertisements on the Internet, and even television ads although these are far few and spread apart. Still, it beats having to hunt the car deals on foot, but if that’s a possibility for you and you don’t mind the hard work, you just might come across a great car lease deal.

Recognize It
Finding a good car leasing deal all lies in the way you can recognize it. You need to know the ins and outs of a leasing deal and understand all the hidden details about it. This includes getting to know all the different fees and even the penalties for not paying on time. Then you can ask yourself the following questions:

Is the lease negotiable?
Is there a low money factor I can depend on?
What is the acquisition fee and can I work with it?
Are there hidden charges and what are they?

If you can answer these questions on a positive level, then you have just found yourself a good lease deal. Of course, don’t settle for just one deal. Shop around until you have a few you can compare with each other.

Analyze It
Spotting a good deal is one thing; spotting a bad leasing deal is something totally different. You may want to ask yourself the questions that you did for spotting a positive car leasing deal. But spotting a really bad deal involves getting into the real nitty gritty of a car lease contract. Remember that hidden lease charges might be the one factor that hits you hard if you don’t spot them. It’s not enough that you are paying a low monthly fee, and it won’t mean anything if you are being charged certain percentages on things that you were not aware about (this can include car insurance costs and even registration fees). Be aware of lease costs and all hidden charges, and if you have questions for the dealer, never be afraid to ask.

So, when it comes to car buying, remember the four factors: find car lease offers, recognize a good deal, analyze deals and weed out the bad car lease deals based on hidden charges. In addition, keep the dealers honest and ask as many questions as possible about their lease deals.

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